Become a CRTS™

The Certification Process

To become CRTS™ Certified, candidates must

  1. Meet Experience and Eligibility requirements
  2. Pass the CRTS™ Exam. Review the test plan here.

The CRTS™ Exam is administered by the professional testing organization Meaningful Measurement, Inc. and is taken online. The exam is remotely prcotored. Please review details of the proctoring process here.

Per accreditation standards, Certification is always independent of training. Formal training prior to exam is not required.

We have developed a full online Senior Move Training Program which meets the training course option of the Eligibility Requirements. It can be purchased with the exam by clicking here

Fees (USD)

CRTS™ Registration, Exam and Certification    $350
Senior Move Training Program + CRTS™ Registration, Exam and Certification $999
Annual Recertification    $45
Renewal after Certification is expired for 6 months or more     $99