Our Exam Standards

The Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist (CRTS™) credential is the only individual certification awarded to industry providers who meet education, exam, and experience requirements.

A Certification is different from a Certificate. Valid Certifications measure individual competency in the field, meet national accreditation standards and are not tied to any one training program. Certificates, on the other hand, may be awarded by anyone, to anyone, after a particular program has been completed.

CRTS™ Certification exam standards have been managed by a professional testing organization, Meaningful Measurement Inc., since 2008. The CRTS™ exam is administered electronically.

The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions, which cover the areas of core competency as outlined in the Test Plan.

The exam is client-centered, meets national psychometric standards and includes a combination of fact-based and scenario-based questions. The exam does not include general small business, marketing or pricing practices.

Once a candidate completes the exam, they are notified of their pass/fail status within 5 business days.

Once a candidate passes the exam, their name is added to the CRTS™ Professional Registry and database, which gives consumers the ability to search for a CRTS™ by state/province and zip/postal code. Certificants will also receive CRTS™ logos and their “CRTS™ Certified” certificate. At this time the individual may add the credential CRTS™ after their name.