New CRTS™ Website and Public Registry!

Welcome CRTS™ Certificants and current/potential candidates. We've moved to a new website for both the informational side of the site, as well as the Online Public Registry of all Current CRTS™.

You should have received a couple of emails about the changes in the last few days. One was from us introducing the new sites and one from the new Online Public Registry with your new login credentials. Please check spam, junk and/or clutter folders. As a side note, only those who are current in their certification would have been contacted as this time. If your certification has lapsed, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

A few notes on the new sites (also part of the email sent):

  1. New Online Registry We encourage you to login and review your entry on the Public CRTS™ Registry ASAP. You can search for yourself from the search box here to see how your information looks to the public. You will only appear if your certification is current. An email with your new login credentials will arrive on or before Tuesday, May 10. Please have a look in your junk and/or clutter folder(s). If it is after the 10th, not in spam and still nowhere to be found, please contact us via the form below. Only those with current certifications were sent the email. Once you login to the registry site, you will have an opportunity to edit your profile via the green "Contact Details" button (see screenshot). You can now upload a picture of yourself as well as a company logo rather than one or the other. You can upload both from the "Profile Photo" button.
  2. New Document Library Our Board has been working on valuable documents that may help you as you run your business. They are available once you login to the new Registry. You'll see a link on the Dashboard "Document Library." Side note, you can not yet download your current certificate from the Dashboard, although there is placeholder text for when that link becomes active. Please contact us if you have lost your current certificate.
  3. New Logo Our logo went through a trademark renewal and has changed very slightly. It is important that you use the new logo on business card reprints, new stationary and on your website. Check the "Document Library" once you are logged in to the new Registry.
  4. New Recertification Process - Still in Progress We are still working through the new recertification process. At this time, you will recertify on this site, and you will receive instructions via email at least 10 days out from your current certification expiration date. Eventually you will recertify on the Public Registry site and also have the opportunity to upgrade your public listing. More details will be sent soon.
  5. A Lot More to Come The new Registry will have new features added throughout 2016, so keep an eye on your email as we release new capabilities.
  6. Certification Expired Recently? If your certification has expired within the last 6 months and you have not yet recertified, please contact us via the form below for the new instructions - those that were sent by the previous system are no longer valid.

As with anything new, there are bound to be bumps and we appreciate your patience during the transition. The sites are a work in progress and we hope you are pleased with the updates so far!

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